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Obit has been designed from scratch in partnership with Funeral Directors to meet their every need. Arrange your funerals whilst on the go using our Cloud based software; you will always have access to your data from your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

Reduced Admin Time

Reduce admin time significantly; once you enter the information that's it, you can then use it to generate notices, invoices and rotas.

Internal Communication

Better coordinate and improve communication with all of your staff. Everyone can see what's happening in real time which reduces communication overhead and improves coordination and scheduling.

The Entire Process

Manage the entire process from initial contact, entering the deceased's details, scheduling the pickup, planning a rota for your staff, embalming, preparing notices for the press, managing the belongings and disbursements and finally sending the invoices. See all the features.



All communications with Obit are encrypted via SSL.


Your data is stored on a high-availability replica set cluster.

Nightly Backups

Your data is backed up every night.

Up-to-date Patching

Our server containers have the latest security patches applied as they become available with no downtime.


If you are interested in using Obit please write to us at


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